Girl With The Green Face…


-Jawlensky, Girl With The Green Face (1910)-

      —>(Primary Source)<—

        —>(Secondary Source)<—            

Materials and Techniques: Oil on composition board
Dimensions: 20 15/16 x 19 9/16 in. (53.2 x 49.7 cm)

  [This painting is a collection of The Art Institute of Chicago and was created by Alexei Jawlensky (1864- 1941), German born in Russia.]

When I first saw this painting, I thought it was a very ugly and meaningless one because it seem plain dead.  It reminded me of a little kid who decided to simply paint the face green for no reason. Even though I still don’t like the painting, I still think that there is a very interesting sight to it. First of all, odd choice of colors, specially the face crate a mood of envy and jealousy, but if one looks closely it seems as if the girl is very thoughtful and somewhat sad about the situation.  I am not very good at interpreting art pieces, but im sure that every line and color  that the artist chose is meaningful to the piece. What I see as a thoughtful sad girl, others may just say it has  of jealousy because of the face color.

The primary source was the painting itself. To obtain the picture I googled the image by typing girl with the green face and once I found out the name of the painter it was easier to obtain my secondary and tertiary sources. The website of the Art Institute of Chicago is a reliable source and has basic information of the painting; this can be consider as a secondary source because it is an account of the painting. For more information on the author i followed a link that gave a brief biography on him and this  is another secondary source as well. In there I found an interesting thing that said, “Jalwensky’s paintings evolved from portraits and religious pieces to abstract and geometric designs.” I want to say that this painting in specific was one of these abstract and geometric designs because of the simple use of lines and colors. 





(Tertiary) This would be websites such as Wikipedia and websites of blogs as well.

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