“Interrupted Reading” [Painting Analysis]

The French painter Jean-Baptiste  Camille Corot  strongly influenced the development of landscape painting in the 19th century. Corot contributed to some aspects of impressionism, a 19th century art movement, and in addition to his landscapes pieces, he also painted skillful portraits. Corot’s influenced future generations into a landscape work while capturing the importance of his artistic style. Even though i was able to obtain information on the painter,  it was a difficult assignment to gather information on this painting; I was obtaining the same sources of information over and over.

The sources that I first obtain seemed to not be so reliable, except for the book on famous painters and their influence on future generations. The book however, didn’t give explanation on the painting itself and for a better understanding of the portrait I had to look for more credible sources on it. I looked up on Google scholars some other interesting books and articles on the author and his background information, however, I seemed to not be getting enough information on the painting though.

 My first impression on the painting was that the girl was simply bored; once I was given the title of the painting, “Interrupted Reading, I came to understand that something was distracting her. The girl must have been thinking about a certain situation or problem going around causing her to be distracted from reading the book in her hands. The Art Institude of Chicago describes this paiting as an ideal woman during that post era. From the information that I obtain, it is said that women were portrayed in a depressed image because this gave men authority over them and made them weak an unable to do things on thier as well.  One is not able to really know what the woman is thinking about but I do believe that the painting itself shows a thoughtful woman with little interest on what she is reading.

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